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‘Leave constitution to us’

Usually satellite TV channels host distinguished personalities for talk shows. Usually, the program presenter is distinguished in his/her field and is an equal of the guest.The matter has changed in the recent times; the presenter of the program ap ..

19 /April 2022


Imran Khan Niazi ‘ousted’

Pakistan is considered, with certainty and not guesswork, to be one of the most difficult countries in the world to govern due to the nation’s multi-ethnic components, the poverty of the state in resources, the multiplicity of its tribes, and ..

15 /April 2022


Explanation, little too late

Since the press began to dedicate columns in newspapers especially for those who specialize in criticizing the actions and policies of governments, many wonder about the usefulness of writing as long as the parties to whom criticism is directed do ..

14 /April 2022


Who will lead road to light?

It seems we are going through a period of religious parties. They are taking advantage of government silence which translated as acceptance of their moves, and thus they have tried to take advantage of the situation and achieve maximum political an ..

11 /April 2022


Is this the beginning of the ‘end’ of society as a whole?

Tweets have spread like wild fire accusing an academician at Kuwait University of outraging the modesty of his students during a lecture.Political activists belonging to religious parties responded to the tweets, and demanded th ..

10 /April 2022


The ‘indifferent’ society

When you find yourself in a taxi in a densely populated capital city, passing through crowded streets, and seeing trash and hundreds of blatant violations, and no one to pay attention to them, and no one cares about anything, you feel sad for your ..

08 /April 2022

زوار الموقع

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