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Moral decadence at its low!

My first confrontation with mass corruption was during the horrific period of occupation, when, as head of the Riyadh Subsistence Committee, I handed over to our ambassador, Mr. Abdul Rahman al-Bakr, on the occasion of the end of my mission, a comp ..

18 /April 2024


The animal ways in humans

As we approach the thirtieth anniversary of one of the most horrifying tribal genocides in history, the Rwandan genocide serves as a stark reminder of the depths of human brutality. In just 100 days, over 800,000 people lost their lives, with the m ..

17 /April 2024


Some points to ponder upon

There are matters, actions, or decisions that you would be surprised to see delayed issuance or implementation of, even though they are very necessary for everyone, completely inexpensive, no one will be harmed by their issuance, and make everyone& ..

16 /April 2024


Gaza changed history forever

Shlomo Ben-Ami is considered one of the strongest supporters of Palestinian rights. He is an Israeli professor, a former member of the Labor Party, and a member of the Knesset. He was Minister of Internal Security and subsequently Minister of Forei ..

15 /April 2024


Why not face reality of life?

Many things have deteriorated in recent years, and artistic, cultural, and literary works were among the victims of this deterioration. The level of creativity declined, in text and representation, and some say that this decline was represented by ..

14 /April 2024


Mother of tragedies ... enough!

The tragedy of education in Kuwait can be traced to one fundamental issue: the government administration’s failure to recognize its paramount importance.Without a firm belief in the critical role of education, no progress can be achieved in e ..

09 /April 2024


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