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Happiness and the five Amirs

According to an annual happiness report released by a United Nations agency, the Finns have maintained their position at the top of the happiness rankings for the seventh consecutive year. They are trailed by Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Israel, the N ..

05 /April 2024


American boots on Yemeni soil

Yemen, time and again, has demonstrated its resilience against conquerors, refusing to submit for long periods and often luring in armies only to later subject them to humiliation.Its history spanning over two thousand years tells a tale of battles ..

03 /April 2024


Freedom breeds creativity

What if the Spanish Picasso was Kuwaiti? What if the Italian painter Salvador Dali was Kuwaiti? What if the German Beethoven was Kuwaiti? Or the most famous American director, Steven Spielberg, Kuwaiti? Or were the Russian ballet choreographer Peti ..

01 /April 2024


Memories, mosques & prayers

I have been exposed to two semi-embarrassing situations in my life, the last of which was 34 years ago, when one of the brothers in the “Citizens Aid Committee in Riyadh” asked me, during Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, to lead them ..

31 /March 2024


Ghouls...and boycotting polls

Ghouls are the plural of ghouls. They are what appear to people in the desert, and take different forms to them and deceive them, that is, mislead them, destroy them, ruin their conditions, and destroy their homelands. There are many ghouls in our ..

29 /March 2024


PM bicycle, morals of nation

The sight of the Prime Minister of Kuwait, pedaling alongside his fellow citizens, including those of his grandchildren’s age, during the “Kuwait Sports Day” event on Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge, was truly heartwarming.With over ..

28 /March 2024


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