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‘Doubt’ ... in Western civilization

The word “doubt” has played a decisive role in the progress of mankind, and in building the Western civilization itself.The humans have lived on the banks of rivers, valleys and vast deserts, whose length and breadth was unimaginable. H ..

05 /December 2019


Women in developing nations

At an early stage in my life, I felt societal injustice and bias against women, especially unmarried women. When I could not answer my questions, those around me turned to books, and I found the answer, and that was the most important turning point ..

04 /December 2019


‘Sweet’ ignorant majority

Since the discovery of the pistol, which has transformed a coward into a brave person, no weapon has been put into an ‘ignorant’ hand, to cover his ignorance like ‘WhatsApp’! This means the weapon transforms a shy and ignora ..

03 /December 2019


‘Crime in use of plastic bags’

Plastic is used in the service of food in hundreds of ways and in the manufacture of plastic bags which are considered indestructible or take a very long time to decompose. Plastic pollutes seas and rivers, kills aquatic organisms, and destroys mar ..

02 /December 2019


Nationality – mine, yours, his

The provisions of citizenship are regulated by Law No. 15 of 1959. In this law, we find three important articles regarding who is eligible for Kuwaiti nationality:Article 1: Original Kuwaiti nationals are those persons who had settled in Kuwait pri ..

01 /December 2019


Tale of two former deputies

Waleed Al-Tabtabaei, the first of two former deputies who is the subject of our article, announced after his surrender to the authorities to implement the ruling of the Court of Cassation which had sentenced him to a prison term after finding him g ..

28 /November 2019

زوار الموقع

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