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Egyptians & Dr Abdullah Al-Badr

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26 /March 2020


Egyptians & Dr Abdullah Al-Badr

Before going into the topic of our article, I would like to repeat the strict government warning: Stay in your homes, to reduce, I repeat, to reduce the size of the coming disaster.Many soldiers have fallen on the battlefield and their remains have ..

25 /March 2020


What is the secret of silence?

The Social Reform Society, the behind-the-curtain and public face of the Muslim Brotherhood were established in Kuwait in 1962. Despite all the flaws, lapses, and even the betrayal of the international Brotherhood organization, especially during th ..

24 /March 2020


Dark clouds hide full moon

A virus, that is not visible to the naked eye has transformed the entire world into a virtual ‘lockdown; Our lives have been disrupted; countries and even provinces in some countries have closed borders between them and people have become sus ..

22 /March 2020


Hungry man is an angry man

I t is nice to see various parties racing to make donations and assist government institutions to carry out their tasks and shoulder their enormous responsibilities in facing the calamity which our dear country is passing through.We hope the state ..

19 /March 2020


Race, sect, religion, lingo

The origin of Mehyar al-Daylami, the poet from Baghdad who died in 1037, was Persian. In his poem, he boasted about his morals, origin, culture, history and the glory of the Persians, Islam, and the Arabs.This poem illustrates the confusing relatio ..

18 /March 2020

زوار الموقع

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