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The gloomy world … Part (2)

Accountant Talal Abu Ghazaleh, who has millions of followers and believe what he says, said Egypt will become the sixth economic power in the world in ten years. Egypt is economically ranked 40th globally, with an economic size of 300 billion, prec ..

27 /April 2020


The good, the bad and ugly side of corona

Almost everything in life has its good and bad side. Even corona has its good side, with full respect for the feelings of someone who lost a loved one, who is sick, or lost a job or a business who will not get out of this disaster without pain.The ..

23 /April 2020


‘PM please share my pain’

The unforeseen annual income which the “dishonest” citizens generate from the visa trade is between $3 billion and $5 billion, and like any illegal trade, eliminating this is not easy as long as there is a demand for it.It is wrong on t ..

22 /April 2020


‘We possess the honor...’

On April 14, Mubarak AlDuwailah wrote in Al-Qabas newspaper that one of the societies apologized for providing assistance to a “bedouin” woman. His words only apply to the Humanitarian Friendship Society and we have previously, explaine ..

21 /April 2020


You who elected Al-Mutair

MP Mohammad Al-Mutair did not stop defending a Kuwaiti woman who was recently subjected to a wave of criticism and violent attacks, for her poor understanding of the situation, her tweets and attacks on government officials, but also because she ab ..

19 /April 2020


Conspiracy of two giants ....

Over the past few weeks, magazines, news, videos, documentaries and fi lms produced by Hollywood; studies and narrations highlighted the emergence of the virus that hit the towns and cities all over the world creating a massive state of panic and t ..

16 /April 2020

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