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Best ethical, regulatory law

I may not exaggerate when I say that the law covering forged and unaccredited certificates is the best regulatory and ethical law that has been issued post-liberation which the National Assembly was unable to issue after there were warnings that Ku ..

22 /August 2019


‘Afya’ service is in ruins

A friend and a former government official says the idea of Afya free medical insurance provided for retirees is not new but dates back to years and was thought of because of the sufferings of pensioners, especially the elderly who had to visit the ..

21 /August 2019


Home of freedom, humanity

As soon as it was announced that there was a gathering of Indian Sikhs in a shed in Sulaibiya and considering that they were practicing worship, forces roared demanding reform and morality (sarcasm), considering it an infringement on the constants ..

20 /August 2019


Egyptian expats in Kuwait

According to a report issued by the Egyptian Central Agency for Statistics, which was published by the Al-Rai daily to a few days ago, show that the number of Egyptians who entered Kuwait in 2018 was huge, at an average of 8,000 Egyptians per month ..

19 /August 2019


‘Our backwardness not new’

We, in the Arab and Islamic worlds, have a real problem related to our backwardness in every field without exception.There are many interpretations and conflicting views on this backwardness, or the circumstances that have taken us to the doorstep ..

11 /August 2019


Response to silly Iraqi tweet

He said in a tweet: The Persians are uncivilized Asian nomadic tribes, who became civilized when they occupied Iraq and so was the case with the Arabs and Mongols who became civilized when they occupied Iraq. He also posted other tweets and spewed ..

08 /August 2019

زوار الموقع

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