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‘Dictators have same fate’

The fool is not the one who commits the mistake, but who commits it again and again. I had a distinctive car in 1966, and perhaps the only one of its kind in Kuwait, and I borrowed for the first time in my life a sum of money to buy it. I was a tee ..

18 /April 2019


Manipulation in records

Despite the great efforts exerted by the Minister of Commerce and his team to develop the work of the ministry after decades of lapse that still cast a shadow on many of the actions that need to be developed and laws and regulations overhauled.Ther ..

15 /April 2019


New, clean Municipality

The Director General of the Municipality ... The Civil Service Commission presents you the utmost sincere greetings and appreciation for your efforts and your keenness to implement the laws, regulations and decisions of the Civil Service Commission ..

11 /April 2019


‘We are always with LoYAC’

This article is not in defense of Mrs Fareah Al-Saqqaf, the LoYAC founder. She and her team are capable of defending themselves, but I am interested here in the thousands of young men and women who have learned a lot from them and the idea of LoYAC ..

10 /April 2019


Governors, tears and cats

A few days ago, new governors were appointed and services of others ended. One of the governors wrote an article and criticized the resolution and blamed the government for not contacting those whose services have ended to thank them for their effo ..

09 /April 2019


Bedoun issue, fake diplomas

I do not see a reason for the daring, or let’s say insolence of some to insist on the legality of their theoretical or scientific certificates issued by the American University shops in Athens, and other Slovak, Czech, Egyptian, Indian and Fi ..

08 /April 2019

زوار الموقع

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