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Preacher... mother’s cupboard

One of the things that I remember from time to time is my recollection of an Egyptian preacher, ‘Modern’, visited Kuwait several times and became famous and amassed a lot of wealth for himself. When I exposed him and revealed the truth ..

19 /February 2020


Vote lists...ethnic cleansing

At the beginning of Kuwait’s democratic march, democracy was vivid in three Kuwaiti societies in the regions of the capital, which was ‘enclosed’ by a wall all that extended from sea to the sea consisting of four neighborhoods &nd ..

18 /February 2020


‘Ms. X’ and the tender bribe

I n a remarkable precedent, the Criminal Court has sentenced the fugitive vice-chairman of the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) to 10 years imprisonment for receiving three new Mercedes cars from a certain person as a bribe for obtaining a tender.Af ..

17 /February 2020


‘Every reason to get annoyed’

Anwar is a Kuwaiti academic at Kuwait University. She is highly qualified and is an outstanding civil engineer. She also works as an assistant manager for the structural program at the university.Her efficiency is testified by those who worked with ..

16 /February 2020


Norms of ‘sacred civil text’

A government hospital license requires the following steps: The approval of the concerned minister, the allocation of the land, approval from the Kuwait Municipality, a study on the project, a blue print of the project, monetary estimation and a re ..

13 /February 2020


‘Awqaf’ and end of March

Every institution, association, and the company has a fiscal year, just as other countries of the world have their own ‘fiscal years’. In Kuwait, the fiscal year kicks off on April 1 and ends on March 31 the following year.The law requi ..

12 /February 2020

زوار الموقع

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