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Colleague AbdulMohsen

EVERY TIME I read an article written by my colleague Abdulmohsen Al-Jarallah Al-Kharafi in Al-Qabas daily, I experience joy and pride over the quality of our people, their originality, generosity, piety and purity in times of adversity.I am older t ..

19 /June 2019


Be lenient with places of worship

The Director of the Public Authority for Manpower, Mrs Aseel Al-Mazyad made a statement concerning the 100 dinars fine imposed by the Authority on the Catholic Church because of the failure to commit to the required e m p l o y m e n t percentage o ..

18 /June 2019


Advocates seek wealth, fame

Saudi media man Saud al-Dosari left the world in 2015 when he was relatively young. He used to present a program called ‘Turning Point’ on the MBC Satellite channel mainly about researching some of the points or stages that formed a tur ..

17 /June 2019


Well done, Saudi Arabia

I n the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia no day passes without seeing and hearing reports about tremendous changes, and beautiful in the sense of the word. The changes include in the area of education, politics, fighting terrorism, spreading a new culture, ..

13 /June 2019


Interior minister ... ‘read this’

A reader named Saeed says: I am one who reads your column daily and it leaves a void when you do not write. I could not control myself from writing to you after reading your article about the sufferings of residents because you touched my wound.I d ..

12 /June 2019


They are unwilling to understand

It is difficult to respond to the ignorant people not because they are strong in their arguments but because of their unwillingness to see reason. In a funny story a Western president meets a president from the Middle East, and at the end of their ..

11 /June 2019

زوار الموقع

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