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Brotherhood women

We explained in a previous article that one of the outcomes of the National Conference held in the Saudi city of Jeddah in October 1990, at the height of Saddam’s despicable occupation of Kuwait, was the consolidation of the hidden and strong ..

26 /April 2022


Teaching Arabic language

A woman said in a television interview that if the issue of teaching came back to her, she would completely stop teaching grammar and linguistics in schools because it is not necessary, what is necessary is to involve students in reading Arabic lan ..

25 /April 2022


Who sees maritime borders?

I do not think that I will be divulging our secret if I mention that our maritime borders, in particular, are neither secure nor safe and easy to penetrate and those who are interested in the matter and want bad for us know this, and do not wait to ..

24 /April 2022


‘Beware ploys of Brothers, their plots, lust for power’

The eighth episode of the Egyptian TV series “The Choice 3” documented a real secret recording of a session that included Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi when he was in charge of military intelligence, Field Marshal Hussein Tant ..

22 /April 2022


True application of morals

While browsing through National Geography Magazine in 1964, I came across a questionable photograph of an elderly German worker operating a gigantic machine, and beside it a wooden table with boxes wrapped in gift paper and ribbons.The comment unde ..

21 /April 2022


‘Jeddah constitution’ secrets

More than thirty years have passed since the events of the “Jeddah Conference”, which was held from Oct 13 to 15, 1990, at the peak of the occupation of Kuwait by Saddam’s vile forces, which I attended by invitation, with approxim ..

20 /April 2022

زوار الموقع

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