Some points to ponder upon

there are matters, actions, or decisions that you would be surprised to see delayed issuance or implementation of, even though they are very necessary for everyone, completely inexpensive, no one will be harmed by their issuance, and make everyone’s life, without exception, more comfortable and organized, and yet no one thinks about them, since the founding of modern kuwait!
there are many simple matters, which we have previously written about many times, and which have been implemented in friendly and brotherly countries for many years, with our government insisting, for at least half a century, on refusing to implement them, despite all their advantages and benefits, and we repeat, for everyone. without any cost, not even a penny, to any party, but it includes significant savings in time and money!
for reasons that are difficult to understand, digest or accept, the government does not want, at least twice a year, to rely on science regarding the sighting of the moon at the beginning of the lunar month, and thus build on it in determining the beginning or end of the month of fasting, and subsequently eid al-adha, and instead insists on seeing the eid crescent with the naked eye to determine when the government holiday begins and when it ends, and this is something that we do not wish to delve into and call for abandoning, despite its illogicality, and the resort of all countries of the world, which follow the lunar calendar, to accurate astronomical calculations, to know when their next religious occasions will be, to abandon, irrevocably, the idea of seeing with the naked eye.
in an unprecedented move, which may end up being wiped out next year, the civil service commission, with prior approval from the council of ministers, approximately two weeks before the supposed eid day, set the first eid al-fitr government holiday to be as of tuesday april 9, 2024 with the official working hours resuming on sunday, april 14, 2024, declaring the official holiday on 9, 10, 11, and 12, and everything else to be days of rest. as for the private nature, their holidays were to be determined by the authorities concerned with their affairs, considering the public interest.
the ministry’s decision was based on the fact that the eid will not, in any case, be later than the ninth or tenth of april 2024. therefore, it declared the holiday starting on the 9th, end on the 13th, and return to work on the 14th. thus, it made everyone know, for the first time, ahead of time, when the holiday begins and when it ends.
accordingly, the matter requires consolidating the administrative organization, and issuing the holiday decision a few months before the date of its implementation, so that every concerned party can arrange his travel and return correctly, without waiting for the last hour to find out the day of the holiday, and thus the beginning of the holiday, and this becomes very vital for many, especially when we know the large number who depend on the holidays to see their families abroad, or return to see them at home.


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