Why not face reality of life?

many things have deteriorated in recent years, and artistic, cultural, and literary works were among the victims of this deterioration. the level of creativity declined, in text and representation, and some say that this decline was represented by the series “one wife is not enough,” as it harms the reputation of the kuwaiti society. its production and direction were entirely done abroad. those who did this were careful not to mention any relationship to the events of the series or to link it dramatically to kuwaiti society, other than the dialect of some of its actors.
the uproar around the series prompted the “oversight” authorities in the ministry of information to refer everyone who participated in it -- writing, producing, directing, and acting (14 artists and writers of the series) -- to the prosecution, and the fair judiciary will have its say.
what happened later was surprising to some, as the “media” chose to position itself as an opponent and an arbiter, and based on the decision to refer the participants in that series to the prosecution, it instructed the national council for culture, arts, and letters to take an arbitrary decision not to authorize any artistic work “in the future”, to be included in the work team any of those who have previously worked or had a role in the series “one wife is not enough (!!). the children’s play “in the zein of time” was affected by the moratorium decision, because some of its participants had previously participated in the offensive series!
what happened, in the eyes of some, constituted an abuse of the artiste’s role, and showed the lack of the nccal awareness of its role, when it resorted to collective punishment and harmed those who had nothing to do with the production of the offensive series. so how can we repeat, in our literature, that a female servant should not bear the burden of another, but when it comes to applying this human rule, it becomes a matter of mood?
therefore, we turn to our brother, the minister of information, to solve this problem that is often created from within the ministry, and to direct officials to devote themselves to improving the quality of work, enriching the arena with valuable offers, and presenting a purposeful artistic alternative.
question: what if the judiciary acquitted the producers, directors, and actors of the series “one wife is not enough” of the charges against them? is this possible because the series is produced and starred by a foreigner? what if they file a compensation claim against the relevant government agency that damaged their reputation?
a relative of mine, years ago, volunteered to work with a women’s association. she had previously allocated a landline number to answer calls, of unknown origin, that the association received, related to the events that some people were exposed to. a week later, my relative was shocked and left the job, because of what she heard about things you never imagined existed or would happen in our society, which some believe is so virtuous!
we are part of this world, and the closest to societies, whose members have been exposed to severe family shocks as a result of their situation changing to another in a very short period. the enormous wealth that fell upon many changed the souls and made every forbidden thing permissible in the eyes of the deprived. drugs, lack of community and school awareness, and the spread of ignorance contributed to the expansion of all evils.
all attempts to “discipline” those who seek to shed light on the truth about the “ethics” of our societies are doomed to failure. the solution lies in the scientific and modern confrontation of these dangerous and deadly problems, and not in denying their existence!


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