Quick read of National Assembly ’24 elections

the results of the national assembly elections, which many brothers followed with regret, and perhaps with envy, and were not to blame for that, were better than many expected.
five days ago i tweeted that i was casting my electoral vote for five candidates; marzouq al-ghanim, abdul-wahab al-issa, muhalhal al-mudhaf, jenan bushehri, and ahmad al-fadl. this is if kuwait were one constituency, and i had the right to choose five representatives!
the outcomes have not only met my expectations but have also fulfilled the aspirations of every patriot who holds kuwait dear. the five victorious individuals, some of whom garnered the highest number of votes, mark a significant milestone for the upcoming council.
they are poised to collaborate, whether through prearranged agreements or otherwise, with other representatives, particularly the new addition, muhammad abbas jowhar hayat, to form a formidable team against any attempts to disrupt the council’s work. they will undoubtedly confront and neutralize any futile opposition, thwarting their misguided agenda.
this five-member team, now bolstered by the inclusion of mp muhammad abbas jowhar hayat, stands out, with all due respect to other representatives, for their success being solely attributed to their merits and the collective efforts of their team.
political influence, in the form of buying votes, played no part in their triumph. furthermore, they achieved success without relying on tribal or sectarian affiliations, and without support from religious or civil parties, thus securing outstanding results independently.
the recent elections witnessed a significant resurgence in kuwaiti people’s awareness, marking a positive shift in attitudes, particularly concerning candidates affiliated with the muslim brotherhood. for the first time in sixty years, voters displayed a notable rejection of these candidates, evident in the unprecedented decline in their representation.
this reflects not only voters’ distaste for them but also a deep-seated antipathy toward the representatives of the kuwaiti branch of the muslim brotherhood party and their supporters, whether overt or covert. this indicates a growing awareness among many, shedding light on their true allegiance to their leader, “the supreme,” and their allegiance to the broader international organization, rather than to the interests of their nation.
what’s intriguing or perhaps ironic is that the downfall of four of the brotherhood’s candidates didn’t just elicit joy from individuals like myself and many others who harbor disdain for the brotherhood. it also brought a sense of jubilation to the salafist group, amplifying their happiness with the election results.
religious parties harbor animosity towards certain factions more than others because each poses a significant political and financial threat to the others. in contrast, a civilian citizen poses no real threat to their vast financial or expansive political interests.
we remain hopeful that the true nature of religious parties, particularly the muslim brotherhood, will continue to be unveiled, leading to their eventual defeat and eradication due to the security, economic, and moral threats they pose. it is imperative to recognize and address these dangers before they further destabilize our society.
it’s worth noting the unprecedented challenges faced by ahmad al-fadl during his electoral campaign, including relentless attacks on his character, morals, financial standing, and heritage.
despite facing opposition from various backward factions, he persevered with unwavering integrity and the support of loyal allies, enduring what could be considered the most vicious and slanderous campaign in kuwait’s parliamentary election history.
in light of their victory, i extend an invitation to the constituents of representatives jenan bushehri and ahmad al-fadl for a celebratory reception at the sheraton st. regis hotel next week. it’s an opportunity to congratulate them on their success and honor their resilience amidst adversity.


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