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‘Know yours and others rights’

Dignity, the interest which increased with the spread of the concepts of ethics with the enlightenment era is defined as the personal quality of human being worthy of respect. When our dignity is robbed from us, we cannot feel safe, we hate ourselv ..

10 /June 2021


‘Alarm bells keep ringing’

We have a bunch of popular proverbs with contradictory meanings, such as ‘Spend what is in the pocket and what is in the unseen will return to you or ‘Save the penny for a rainy day’.We also say that heads of state are often of th ..

09 /June 2021


Shall we get out of the pit?

If we looked back in time, looking at Singapore in 1965 from a small aircraft we found nothing but a piece of land barely measuring 600 km2 comprising muddy swamps infested with mosquitoes, poor people of different backgrounds, colors, and races, f ..

08 /June 2021


The last wall of defense

The attitudes of the majority – if not all – of the so-called ‘opposition’ are not only strange but also frightening for the future of this country and its children.■ These people will return to their roots from where they b ..

07 /June 2021


A ‘bedoun’ resident and a Kuwaiti mother

There are countries that do not allow or encourage immigration, such as India, China, and Egypt, for political or ethnic reasons, or for fear of the immigrant’s competition with the citizen in the labor market.It is unimaginable what the immi ..

06 /June 2021


Kuwait, neighbor’s temblors

Earthquakes happen everywhere in the world and around us that change the topography of peoples’ minds, renew ideas, and amend unhealthy situations, and our lawmakers differ on ‘double quarantine and online examinations and we are eyewit ..

03 /June 2021

زوار الموقع

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