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The silent forgotten sin

When we ask about senior officials, or ministers in particular, who caused great losses to public money due to mismanagement, the names of several ministers and officials float on the surface of our memory lane, but the most damaging of them -- in ..

26 /January 2023


Conditions of my country, my problem and Al-Qabas

My problem with Al-Qabas started about 30 years ago because what I want to write about is more than what it can publish, so articles accumulate, and it is too late to publish some of them, so I cross out what I was tired of writing because I am not ..

25 /January 2023


Scandal of ex-top official

I was shocked when I discovered while searching my website for what I had previously written about the convict, Adel Al-Falah, the former undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf, that I had written 15 articles about him over the course of 15 years, ..

23 /January 2023


Let’s dock at a specific port

The developed nations that respect their peoples seek to spread culture and literature among them and encourage them to love their arts and the arts of other countries, because of their positive impact on public taste.The underdeveloped and dictato ..

20 /January 2023


The demographics problem!

We have a serious problem related to demographics, on top of which are the large numbers of Egyptian and Indian communities, and the need for them is often due to different reasons, and others are similar.All works that require dealing with the gov ..

19 /January 2023


‘Hats off to righteous body’

When education enjoyed a real margin of freedom, there was “order, morals, and cleanliness”, and when that simple margin disappeared, the ghoul of extremism entered, so the order was absent, morals declined, and cleanliness disappeared. ..

17 /January 2023

زوار الموقع

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