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Twisting the truth – A bridge too far 4/20/2017

If you want to know the truth about people look at who represent them in their Parliament and you will know which people deserve a shower of rose petals and who deserve shoes to be hurled at them, according to the British leader the late Sir Winston Churchill.I do not care about the real intentions of the MPs who have supported the proposed amendments to the Nationality Law. Most of them have a direct interest in the amendment for fear of what they cannot deal with and therefore they attempt to ...... read more

Going down the history lane — II 4/19/2017

On our way back to the hotel, we met the New Zealander Marguerite van Geldermalsen who had a poster by her shop located at the heart of the Bedouin area. She wore Bedouin clothes in the photo on the cover of Arabic edition of a book she wrote titled ‘I am married to a Bedouin’ published by Al-Obeikan Publishing.Accompanied by her friend Elisabeth, Marguerite had gone to Petra in 1978 as a tourist and met a Bedouin man named Mohammad Abdullah who owned a humble gifts shop. She fell in ...... read more

Going down the history pathway 4/18/2017

A friend of mine invited me to a family event held in a hotel off the Dead Sea and extended our stay to nine days. The weather was excellent as we toured Petra and Amman enjoying the exceptional Jordanian hospitality.The tour of Petra was amazing, as we traveled the magical and vague path of history, navigating about 2,000 years into the past with endless obscurity. It’s said that Anbat Arabs originated from Yemen and inhabited Petra after they migrated due to a natural disaster. It’ ...... read more

And the push goes on – Taking it sitting down 4/13/2017

I was a little over ten years old when I heard about the Balfour Declaration from our Palestinian teacher. It was in the mid-1950s when I was a student of the Al-Sabah Elementary School. It is 100 years ago Britain sympathized with the Zionist aspirations and made a promise to the Rothschild family for a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. Our ordeal began with this promise, statement, or the Balfour D e c l a r a t i o n .The Declaration was translated on Nov 2, 1917 by our friend G h a n i m A ...... read more

Axing our own feet? 4/12/2017

A church pastor in a small American town was taken by surprise when he discovered some people in the community were planning to construct a liquor bar in front of his church. He immediately approached the concerned authorities with a request to stop the construction but the latter found no convincing justification.The pastor then challenged the authority for issuing the permit, but he discovered all the conditions required for the construction were met by the owners. He then offered to buy the b ...... read more

Donate for good cause – Help out center of life 4/6/2017

Children are divided into two categories – one normal or highly intelligent and two, slow learning, or those with mental disabilities. The first category is divided into two categories: those who do not complain about learning disabilities and those who complain.One who is suffering from the learning disability may be highly intelligent or even a genius but because he did not get proper attention to his condition, for some or the other reason, he may have deviated and caused headache to th ...... read more

Sorry state of road affairs 4/5/2017

The government did establish the Road and Land Transport Authority three years ago and its task is to manage and supervise the construction of Metro and rail lines, maintenance of road networks, carry out technical inspection of vehicles, issue licenses, installation and maintain traffic signals, provide and manage parking lots for vehicles and trucks, supervise driving learning and truck weighing stations.Almost three years have passed and the Ministry of Public Works, the General Traffic Depar ...... read more

Who is supporting DAESH? 4/3/2017

Apart from the speeches of condemnation, atonement and insults, we must admit that all what is said and written that the Islamic State or the socalled DAESH does not represent the fundamentalist Islam is untrue.From a historical point of view, the approach of DAESH is fundamentalist in all its culture and the source of ideological radical religious movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood movement and the al-Qaeda network.It is the same ideology that separates these radical movements because of ...... read more

Call to MPs conscience 3/29/2017

On its electronic web page, the Al-Qabas newspaper conducted a poll and asked the opinion of readers on the draft bill to reduce the retirement age of male government employees to 55 years and the period of service to 25 years and the retirement age for women 45 years with actual service of 20 years. As expected, a majority voted for the bill. It was like a mass suicide committed by groups of whales who headed to the seashore and ended their lives on the sand.The very possibility of this draft l ...... read more

The Palestinian teacher – Motivation breeds success 3/22/2017

I have received several replies to my earlier article which I wrote under the title ‘Farcical …’, particularly the last paragraph.Most of these replies are negative and I understand the feelings of the readers. I have also received some positive replies and the one which touched me is the response from one of the readers, Ra’ed. He said hiring the Palestinian teachers and not allowing them to bring in their families to live with them will not bring the desired result or ...... read more

Miracle in Municipality – ‘Graft to end’ 3/20/2017

I accepted the invitation from Engineer Ahmad Al-Manfouhi to attend a lecture on ‘The New Municipality’ with sisters and brothers of those who were interested in public affairs. What we saw on the screen and we what we heard from senior Municipal officials was strange.However it was a source for joy. I say this because of the hardships the citizens have suffered over the past half a century. During the lecture I forgot about all the hardships, although it was short-lived, thinking of ...... read more

Giving back citizenship – ‘Law same for all’ 3/16/2017

I wish the empty controversy that surrounds the reinstatement of the revoked nationalities will end and nothing will change.Opening the door in this direction will not be in the interest of the nation because the issue is not related to revoking nationalities of certain people and then reinstating them for one reason or the other under some pretexts.It is rather a question of moral values, dignity and prestige of the ruling system. Either the government erred by withdrawing the citizenship from ...... read more

Society’s reply little late – Points to ponder 3/15/2017

I am not supposed to respond to an article written by the Vice-President of the ‘Patients Helping Fund’ society because for more than ten years, the society had ignored responding to my articles in which I had accused the society of negligence. However, out of respect to the father of the vice-president, Rashid Al- Tawheed, and the role he has played at the national level and because I want to ask some questions, I have decided to reply this time. If I was the lawyer of your society, ...... read more

Farcical education sector! – Why blame expats? 3/14/2017

When the late Khalid Al-Masoud was Minister of Education in the mid-sixties, he founded the Institute of Teachers and everyone who opted to join this institute were given a persuasive amount of money and I almost fell for the trap because of the ‘grant’.The number of those who joined the institute increased dramatically so the ministry had to build makeshift classrooms to accommodate the students who would perform their national duty and earn the respect of all.Today, after half a ce ...... read more

Happens only in Kuwait – From rags to riches 3/13/2017

This is a story about what happens nowhere in the world whose wide world but in Kuwait and there are not many like it.It is a story of a man who was born in a modest family of an Arab father and a Kuwaiti mother. When he was young, he was very ambitious and had an overwhelming desire to achieve something in life and ultimately he ended up with a group of religious people. As he prepared his way forward he added something to his name, the word ibn which means ‘son of’.He then grew his ...... read more

Difference between us, them – Look after her rights 3/9/2017

The Kuwaiti society, like a majority of other Arab and Muslim communities, is a male-dominated society and women seldom play a role, with a few exceptions.It is very rare to see women confronting men in the courts, because of most of the legislations which are biased in favor of men, especially those issues related to divorce, alimony and guardianship, in addition to the man’s attitude for the woman’s rights as a human being.This situation is not limited only to her husband but often ...... read more

For State, citizens benefit – Defending no parties 3/8/2017

A few weeks ago there was commotion after the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) approved a big tender to supply feed pipes to a new refinery project to produce low-cost oil.As has been reported, this happened in 2014, when a senior official at the CTC returned from abroad, pulled out the tender documents from his drawer and gave his approval almost single-handedly in favor of a specific company . The tender was worth KD 290 million.However, the tender was rejected by the Supreme Petroleum Council ...... read more

Religious, ethnic tussles aplenty despite poor literacy rate 3/7/2017

A total of 4,000 personalities in the field of politics and economy took part in the Fifth World Government Summit which was held in Dubai on Feb 25, 2017.The participants included heads of the International Atomic Energy Agency, world renowned companies, research institutes and reputed universities such as Harvard, Oxford, in addition to heads of nations and senior politicians.The summit, which is now considered as one of the most important to foresee the future saw a number of changes and expa ...... read more

Nation stuck in trivialities – ‘Development scarce’ 3/1/2017

Some time ago, the Court of Appeals in Mauritania sentenced to death writer Mohammad Ould Omekhetir, on charges of apostasy, after he was arrested for publishing an article in which he talked about the facts back to the era of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but the Supreme Court overturned the death sentence.The verdict angered the Mauritanians and the capital Nouakchott witnessed mass protests which later spread to many other cities.As usual the protesters marched in large demonstrations and carr ...... read more

Graphite pencil, rubber trees 2/28/2017

Almost all people of the earth irrespective of what they know work in harmony to benefit or get benefit.  This harmony or what we call accidental coordination is often represented mainly in industries which require material which more often than not is available in one particular state.If we take a simple substance such as pencil, we will know that there is no single state which can alone manufacture it.The pencil which is made in France, for example, requires wood from the forests of Canad ...... read more

Don’t leave all to ‘mama’ – ‘Fulfil duty to nation’ 2/22/2017

Due to an inadvertent error I failed to appear before the judge during the court session but my efficient lawyer, Adawia Aldgeshm, who has been assigned to defend me in the case of journalism required my appearance in person before the judge and convinced the judge to hear my testimony in the deliberations room after the end of the court session.I waited in the courtroom for nearly half an hour, waiting be summoned by the judge. During that time I sat in the crowded public hall, the majority of ...... read more

Avarice goes before morals? – Practice what you preach 2/21/2017

Last week, the Giza Criminal Court in Cairo, presided by Judge Abdul-Shafi Al-Sayyed Othman, sentenced former Egyptian minister of Irrigation Mohammad Nasr Allam, and a businessman, member of the Egyptian People’s Assembly and Board Chairman of the Egyptian-Kuwaiti Company for land reclamation Ahmad Abdul Salam Quora to seven years imprisonment for ‘wasting’ 37,126 billion Egyptian pounds of public money.The former minister helped the Egyptian-Kuwaiti Company to claim over 26,0 ...... read more

Traders in State diseases – ‘Society’ above the law 2/20/2017

To open foodstuffs shop one requires quite some time, which may take up to six months and this period includes finding a place, money, rent and getting approval from the concerned authorities, in addition to other accompanying complications.But there is a society affiliated to a radical religious party, and there was a great argument about the behavior of most of the Board members concerning an undisclosed sum of money being embezzled running into millions.There is no dispute on all the pre-requ ...... read more

Talk we don’t want to hear — II 2/18/2017

Ibrahim Al-Buleihi said the entry of Arab history has not made any contribution but rather hindered the progress, and that means if we listen to the news we will see clearly that we are the big obstructers in the march of human civilization and this is horrible.All our news is concerning violence, murder, massacres, bombing and mass graves topped with ignorance. However, we are confident that we alone are the guided people while the rest of the humans are the followers of the devil.If we review ...... read more

Talk we do not want to hear – It is Greek for some 2/16/2017

Saudi scholar Ibrahim Al-Buleihi says the Arabs have not provided any added value to human civilization, and that what is attributed to them by the intellectual and scientific achievements was originally accomplished by Greek individuals. He added, what distinguishes the West is that history is an extension of Greek and the Roman history.He told the Arab Net TV Channel that the communities remain constant, and do not accept change in their ideas, without the intellectual and practical shake up.H ...... read more

‘Confront the radical mind’ 2/15/2017

Adel Al-Kalbani of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most controversial clerics in a deeply conservative society. He issued a fatwa in 2010 saying singing and playing musical instruments was not ‘haram’ under the pretext there is nothing mentioned in Islam to prevent it but the fatwa drew opposition from the rest of the clergy and some of them demanded that Kalbani should be held accountable for that.He also announced recently that he will not prevent his daughters from driving c ...... read more

Shobokshi, India, Pakistan 2/14/2017

A few years ago I wrote about a very embarrassing incident which I experienced at the home of a friend, when I met with the Ambassador of India who asked me about the nature of my activity.I told him before I answer his question I would like to know from him why all this industrial and human, cultural and military differences, between India and Pakistan, in spite of the fact both are one people.I also asked him why Pakistan has become administratively backward, corrupt and violent and is linked ...... read more

Defenders of honor, virtue – Two faces of same coin 2/13/2017

They call for wearing the veil, and fight the unveiled. They call for segregation of the two sexes from kindergarten to the university level.They call for virtue, decency and dignity, and demand parents and couples to prevent their daughters and the wives pleasures of finery. They urge their families to wear clothing that covers their body, preferably the attire of the Taleban women.They hate women, cheerleaders, privately and publicly, and oblige her to remain at home and obey her husband, acce ...... read more

‘Privatization right solution’ – ‘Shun Stone Age, go for stars’ 2/11/2017

When I wanted to receive a reply to my letter on the same day when I was working in the UK, I was eager to post the letter in the box before nine in the morning and the reply would come to me before five in the evening. I do not think that the situation has changed a lot now.When I read in one of the responses to my article on the status of the postal service in Kuwait, I remembered whatever I saw in one of the comic episodes of Mr Bean. In the episode Mr Bean addresses the letter to himself and ...... read more

Ports at point of no return – ‘Save what we can’ 2/9/2017

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote in October 2003, under the title, ‘Will Sheikh Sabah Al-Ali resign?After I read what was published by the Al-Qabas newspaper on its front page on September 24 and the continuation on another page, was about the unfortunate, terrifying tragic facts about the condition of three ports in the country.These facts were highlighted by our colleague Ahmad Al-Rubei in his column about the conditions of the Shuwaikh Port.Al-Rubei wrote again about the awful ...... read more

‘Cats’ breath of fresh air – Gift in times of stress 2/8/2017

When I lived in London I had the pleasure of attending the first show of the universal musical ‘Cats’ which will run for four days from Feb 9 to 12, at the Opera House in Kuwait. Since I will be outside the country, I will miss the opportunity to watch this musical again.The musical ‘Cats’, which was staged for the first time more than 35 years ago, is one of the most popular and successful British musical, which contains the famous song ‘Memory’ which has alr ...... read more

Poet called ‘Two Masters’ 2/7/2017

Prominent Kuwaiti poet Mullah Abdeen Baqer, a.k.a. ‘Two Masters’ because he mastered Arabic and Persian, jokingly recited ‘Grapico blackino after greyano and sweetano, and after ripanio sourano”. Of course this means nothing either in Arabic or Persian but he wanted to say was ‘Grapes turned from green to black and from sweet to sour. It was Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah who gave him the name Two Masters.Mullah Abdeen wrote the following line on the Gate of the Seif Palac ...... read more

Focus on history, heritage – Al-Saeedan son of soil 2/6/2017

Hamad Mohammad Al-Saeedan was born in Kuwait almot 80 years ago and died at the age of 52. He was a diplomat, a scholar and a linguist and author of the concise Kuwait encyclopedia, which tells the story of Kuwaiti society, its language, its vocabulary and translations, customs and traditions of all kinds, etiquette and folklore wisdom and philosophy in life.The encyclopedia, which took seven years to complete, also tells about the Kuwaiti land, deserts and vegetation, birds, weather and the sea ...... read more

Post adds to services rot – Where do we go? 2/2/2017

Reader Ala’a says: When the education is so bad in our country, and the health services are on the decline and our roads are in such a mess that the fragile windshields of our cars cannot withstand the force of the flying gravel on our roads, it is useless to complain about the poor level of postal services.It may seem so, but the fact that all state services have reached the same level and the poor citizens and residents have to bear the brunt of our road when the windshields give way, bu ...... read more

Why do we blame the US? 2/1/2017

Regardless of our opinion about Donald Trump, he’ll remain the American President for the next four years and tenure might even be extended to eight years. For this reason, we need to coexist with reality, knowing the unprecedented opposition Trump faces at home and abroad.For the first time, we see ethnic and religious minorities, the press, artists and most politicians, including members of the Republican Party declaring their objection to the American President but the dangerous scenari ...... read more

First step in anti-graft war 1/31/2017

AL-QABAS newspaper never had an editorial as sad and disappointing as the one published on Jan 26. The topic was about Kuwait being ranked as the worst Gulf country in terms of corruption.It is very difficult to hear such news about Kuwait especially since it used to be called “The Pearl of Gulf” and was known for its relatively deep-rooted democracy.Kuwait has deteriorated by 20 degrees within just one year. According to the International Transparency Index, this is the worst perfor ...... read more

‘End strife on power road’ – Liberals pursuing illusion 1/30/2017

Some of the hardcore liberalists, not fake ones like me, believe that it is possible to control the Muslim Brotherhood Group and “tame” them. They think the Muslim Brotherhood Group leaders can be merged into the political flow after the ban on them is lifted. They argue that this group is similar to the Christian parties in Europe, which, over time, became close to the liberalist parties. They also think that the Muslim Brotherhood Group members will accept the rules of democracy an ...... read more

Kuwait different today – ‘Thanks for breaking monotony’ 1/28/2017

An Egyptian satirist Jalal Amer once said, “Advanced countries place their citizens on the head but the governments of developing countries place their citizens inside the head”. He also said, “What is great about our countries is that they put carbon papers between days of the week so that all days become similar”.Hence, we have been facing similar days, similar months and similar years for more than thirty years. This unfortunately came along with continuous deteriorati ...... read more

Slaves to technology 1/26/2017

No doubt, most of us are being carried away by information technology and have become slaves to our smartphones. Our attention is often captured by the huge number of messages that comes to us every minute. Most of the time, these messages are trivial, silly and not worth wasting time for downloading and reading or watching.Social media represents a double-edged sword that can either be used properly for spreading valuable messages and exchanging serious information or for spreading rumors, triv ...... read more

‘It takes two to tango’ – Moral degradation peaks 1/25/2017

The efficient Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh revealed that there are more than 57,000 cases of people in Kuwait who have been pretending to be physically disabled in order to receive monthly allowances from the state for years.Al-Sabeeh said many of them forged their medical reports for changing their level of disability from simple or partial to complete disability in order to receive allowances while staying in their homes.The abovementioned number of cases is really huge. ...... read more

‘Learn to do your own work’ – ‘Sacrifice interests’ 1/24/2017

We along with many others have been urging the government to rationalize expenditures, reduce salaries and allowances of major state officials, cancel tenders that are not urgent, and close down inactive bodies such as the authority for revising laws.There were a number of MPs who called for increased restrictions on expatriates, obligating them to pay taxes and higher fees. In addition there were calls to reduce or cancel the subsidies offered to citizens, impose taxes on them, increase the cus ...... read more

Virtuous have peaceful sleep 1/23/2017

Joe Biden is considered as a model of professional politician in the West. He started his political career at a very early age of 29 years as the Senator of Delaware State near Washington.During his time as a senator, Biden used to take the train to the Congress and back. It seems he used to take the same train to get home after he ended his term as the Vice-President of the strongest country in the world.In 2008, Barack Obama chose Biden as his Vice-President. Together they had completed the se ...... read more

Need green areas to breathe 1/19/2017

Al-Seyassah daily published an article written by our friend (the gentleman) Fahd Al-Me’ejel in which he requested HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who’s the most outstanding personality in Kuwait, to intervene and prevent the transformation of the old Ministry of Public Works premises in Mirqab (Kuwait City) to a financial center, as he cares about the environment.According to the gentleman, the aforementioned area, which is approximately 0.5 kilometers, will be ...... read more

Gas stations and Failaka (II) 1/18/2017

Failaka Island used to supply Kuwait with required quantity of vegetables, when it caught the eyes of archaeologists who were searching for ancient monuments. Danish archaeologists were the first to come to Failaka in 1958 for carrying out excavations.It is said that Carlsberg Company, owner of the well-known beer brand, was the one to finance the exploration process. Of course, this was during a time when we were more open and liberal.Until the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Failaka was the homeland ...... read more

Gas stations and Failaka 1/17/2017

A few days ago, I went to a gas station, to fill petrol in my car and I felt I was in a totally different country. The station was clean, well lit and had clean and healthy facilities, with a supermarket, a few mini fast-food restaurants, touch of welcome and smile on the faces of the staff.This was not the case before, but we still don’t find the same outlook at the gas stations owned and managed by the government — National Petroleum Corporation.Unfortunately, we have waited for al ...... read more

‘Just a tip of the iceberg’ 1/16/2017

I always get many mixed feelings each time I read or hear reports about attempts being foiled to smuggle huge quantities of alcohol into the country.Historically, it was not allowed to consume alcohol openly in Kuwait. Even until the issuance of the Law No. 206 in the mid-1960s, alcohol was being sold to non-Muslims in Kuwait through Cree McKinsey British Company.However, the non-Muslims were then re-selling the alcohol to Muslims and other residents, to make money. The selling points were known ...... read more

Look into the real problems – ‘First things first’ 1/11/2017

Former member of the National Assembly Khalid Al-Sultan, a member of the political group ‘Thawabet Al-Umma’ lived a free life all along and we wish him a very long life. There is no enmity between us and him, and all but respect.Al-Sultan decided to change — and this is his right — and become one of the Salafist leaders. We cannot stand against his decision. All what we can say is he has already enjoyed the pleasures of life.But it seems the years he spent studying in Ame ...... read more

The role of men of religion 1/10/2017

A cleric of any religion has a duty to perform and the need for this duty increases or decreases with the degree of progress or failure of society.The ratio of the number of men of religion to the total number of population differs from one society to another and is usually linked to the number of educated people in society, the more educated the people are in society the less clerics are and vice versa.The only exception to this rule, perhaps in history where the number of men has been growing ...... read more

‘Deviates’ spell more chaos 1/9/2017

Abu Ali Sina, quote says, ‘Muslims are plagued by those who believe that they know more than others, and think that God did not guide any people other than them’!At the beginning of the Syrian revolution I wrote in favor of the demands of the revolutionaries and wished President Bashar Al-Assad would consider meeting their demands.A majority of those brave men who criticized our positions today and who earlier lamented the victims of Aleppo, and lament today the victims of Idlib, wil ...... read more

Natural evolution of faith – ‘Change necessary’ 1/5/2017

All the religions of the world, without exception are subjected to change which has been imposed by the circumstances of life, and the proportion of this change varies from one area to another and from one people to another. These changes have lasted for periods longer or shorter, depending on the type of change or development.Some considered the change or evolution, or part of it, a reform in one area, while others departure took it as drifting away from true religion, but the change has been h ...... read more

Slaves of habits, traditions – Flow with the tide 1/4/2017

A man bought a mule, went to a neighbor and asked him for a rope to tie it. The neighbor apologized and advised him to put his hands around the neck of the mule and the mule will believe something is tying his neck and refuse to move.The next morning the man found the mule was in its place. He mounted the mule and set off to work, but the mule refused to move, so he went back to the neighbor and asked for advice.The neighbor told him he must remove the rope from the neck of the mule. The man was ...... read more

Living pleasures of old age – Blessing in disguise 1/2/2017

Those who know life well are quite aware that every age has its beauty and its advantage and splendor. These words are of course addressed to those who have crossed 60 or 70. Young people cannot be compared to the age they have not yet reached but perhaps they can benefit from my words to prepare for the future.There is no doubt a younger person is much better than an elderly. People in their twenties or thirties or even forties and fifties can do what cannot be done by those in their sixties, s ...... read more

The approaching anger – ‘Bad times ahead’ 12/29/2016

It is said the major airline companies in the region are facing significant financial and administrative difficulties and very soon will be forced to lay off a large number of employees. It is said the ratio is close to 25 percent. It has also been reported that the ‘Emirates’ has already granted a number of ground personnel unpaid leave, some up to three months. The chairman of the airline has already predicted 2017 as difficult year.On the other hand, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Com ...... read more

The endangered species 12/28/2016

Two most senior government officials, most experienced and loyal, have revealed serious facts. Major-General Talal Ma’arafi said that the Interior Ministry procedures in regards to visas for expatriates contributed to the reduction of marginal employment by about 30 percent.He said Kuwait’s population reached 4,250,000 including 2,000,700 expatriates among them 90,000 who are violators of residence laws. These are signs of imbalance in demographics. The Indian community for example i ...... read more

When the West shunned us – ‘Time to end madness’ 12/27/2016

Writing is kind of telling what must be told, and alarm, and also a way to express what is going on in our minds and that includes ideas too. I and hundreds of others had warned leniency shown to the religious extremism. I had also demanded a lot of science subjects to be included in the curriculum and not the theoretical subjects, including religion, which has become a common factor in all theoretical subjects including languages, reading, history, geography.No one listened, either due to ignor ...... read more

Love, peace and tolerance – ‘Merry Christmas to all’ 12/26/2016

In a homily delivered by the Pope some time ago at the St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, His Holiness said ‘I am thinking of some benefactors who come and say they like to give this to the church, but these monetary donations sometimes are stained with the blood of many who are exploited, oppressed and enslaved. To those I say: Please, take your donations with you and burn it, the church does not need such donations.’When I read these words, I remembered the number of mosques w ...... read more

Will I meet you tomorrow? 12/22/2016

“AS a doctor, I had to visit an elderly and helpless patient in his home. According to medical records, he was suffering from cancer and there was no hope of his recovery. After rejecting all type of care, he preferred to remain at home.“When I arrived at his home, I used the secret number to open the lock on the door of the house that was known to us. The patient’s dog was waiting for me and did not make any attempt to bark, but instead looked like it wanted me to find its mas ...... read more

Khaja, Moshe and reading 12/21/2016

Farah Khaja says in a message to me: “I very much enjoyed reading your book, which took me five days. However, it was possible to complete reading the book in less time, but for the work and family commitments.“I’ve always been a fan of your articles, but unfortunately I was not following up, and even more unfortunate is that I did not tell you, even once, how much pleasure it was to see your picture and your article in Al-Qabas, but now the situation is different.“I want ...... read more

‘All same in God’s world’ – Racism and stupidity 12/20/2016

Ruling regimes, groups or individuals believe in racial or ethnic discrimination in order to distinguish themselves from others, if for reasons of biological, cultural, political, tribal, religious or otherwise.Hitler was a racist, because he believed in the supremacy of the Aryan race (the gifted race among others) such as the Germans and Persians, which made no sense.I also think the former South African regime believed in the supremacy of the white minority in that country over the black majo ...... read more

‘Brothers’ enjoyed govt support – Historic calamity 12/19/2016

There is no disagreement, even among the most strictest Brotherhood members, that the World Muslim Brotherhood organization, led by its supreme leader Ma’amoun Al-Hudaibi launched a fierce campaign in 1990, using the term ‘Obedience’ involving all its followers against the presence of the United States of America and its allies in the liberation of Kuwait!Al-Hudaibi ...... read more

Peaceful ‘bombs’ of the Pope 12/17/2016

Voltaire said: ‘We have a natural right to make use of our pens as of our tongue, at our peril, risk and hazard’. He added: ‘To hold a pen is to be at war but this war cannot be legitimate if the situation honestly did not support the issue of what you speak or write’.The head of the Roman Catholic Church has exploded ‘several bombs’ since taking over the papacy in the Vatican. ...... read more

Shenanigans of a minister 12/14/2016

The former Minister of Education, Bader Al-Essa, appointed Abdullah Al-Turaiji when the latter was a lawmaker, chairman of the Scouts Department at the Ministry of Education.It is a very well-known fact that the role of an MP is to monitor the performance of a minister and hold him accountable. ...... read more

‘Kuwait ours despite all ills’ – ‘Temptations meaningless’ 12/13/2016

Kuwaitis over the past three decades have not stopped comparing their status with the citizens of Dubai in particular and in a subsequent period, with Qatar and others.The Economist, the discreet British newspaper published a report on Dec 3, saying these constant comparisons and criticism have created a kind of inferiority complex among the Kuwaitis — a situation that is difficult to escape from, although they enjoy the highest per capital income in the region, and the fourth highest inco ...... read more

Of religion and arts – ‘Propaganda tool’ 12/12/2016

French historian Francois Blofog talked about the motives of militant religious hostility, arts and art forms.He tried to understand the reasons for violent practices against women, such as the destruction of statues and shrines. He stressed that the two religions Islam and Christianity were the most hostile to arts, before the latter became lenient to art.In an interview with AFP, Blofog tried to understand the reasons and motives for the attacks on the Buddha of Bamiyan in Afghanistan in 2011 ...... read more

Hopes alive … not all lost – ‘Support brilliance’ 12/11/2016

ALONG with tens of board chairmen, I pay tax to Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).  Actually, we have not seen any tangible achievement which can be called scientific advancement in the last 25 years despite the accumulated financial and scientific experiences. ...... read more

‘Group not what it seems’ – Ruinous thoughts 12/9/2016

None of the partisan organizations in the Arab world are linked to evil and ruin except for the World Organization of Muslim Brotherhood. For more than eighty years they have set an example of violence and backwardness since the establishment of the group in 1928. ...... read more

There must be a solution – Misery at airport 12/8/2016

Time will pass slowly, and reform will take years before we see a breakthrough in the development of Kuwait — miserable and sad and desolate and damaged and dirty airport, with all its facilities.If I was the president or director of the airport, I would be ashamed of being at the helm of affairs of this important facility and its dire situation which cannot be accepted. ...... read more

Intellectuals, human rights – ‘Cultural diversity vital’ 12/7/2016

The Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center (Opera House) organized a lecture on Nov 30 evening under the title ‘Culture of Luxury or Survival’. The speaker at the event was former Minister of Information Saad bin Tefla. The moderator of the event was another former Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Sanousi.Professor Ben Tefla said the culture has several linguistic interpretations. ...... read more

Man, govt-made rifts – ‘Kuwait was not like this’ 12/6/2016

I do not watch TV at all, and therefore I cannot pass a judgment on the performance of Jaafar Mohammad, the presenter of the Al-Shahed TV, except for some video clips on YouTube which I receive on the social media.A video clip which was recently posted is about diseases people of Kuwait are suffering from. Referring to what he has mentioned, I say in my words that the Kuwaiti society— the ruler and the subjects — was secular and tolerant towards those who came and lived ...... read more

Blow to backward forces – Young breath of fresh air 12/5/2016

In the last parliamentary elections some emerged winners and others losers. In spite of all the disadvantages, these elections have set an example and a perfect model to be followed given our surroundings, and put us on par with freedom and peace-loving nations.We have warned repeatedly about the involvement and presence of beards and robes in political corridors. ...... read more

Battle of civilizations 12/4/2016

Israeli Knesset plans to enact a law to ban the call for prayer over loudspeakers in the mosques of Jerusalem, I repeat: ban to call for prayer over loudspeakers. The bill has met the opposition and rejection inside and outside Palestine.But what is frightening and disturbing in the subject is all who have denounced the bill strongly have focused on the prevention of Muslims from calling for prayer, the measure is against Islam and Muslims, and against the freedom of belief, ...... read more

Blow to backward forces – Young breath of fresh air 12/2/2016

In the last parliamentary elections some emerged winners and others losers. In spite of all the disadvantages, these elections have set an example and a perfect model to be followed given our surroundings, and put us on par with freedom and peace-loving nations.We have warned repeatedly about the involvement and presence of beards and robes in political corridors. ...... read more

‘Do more for nation’s sake’ 12/1/2016

For the first time, I felt comfortable and give a lot of credibility to the statement which has been issued by the Interior Ministry.Actually speaking we are not familiar with such kind of statements. I am talking about the statement issued by the Ministry concerning the illegal entry of Sheikh Khalifa Ali Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah into Kuwait. ...... read more

‘Vote for sunny tomorrow’ 11/30/2016

The Arab region has been facing threats from the religious terrorist organizations, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood group — the mother of all of them. These terrorist groups have put the region on the road to catastrophe, unlike at any other time in the Arab region’s modern history.
Most of these religious parties have offended and harmed the human, economic, urban and legislative development and also the security. These parties have not only stopped the wheel of progress but ta ...... read more

Change seen in victory – ‘Practice what you preach’ 11/29/2016

The more the Muslim Brotherhood group and the revolutionaries in the Levant attacked Donald Trump prior to and following his election to the White House, I am convinced that I was not wrong in throwing my support behind the Republican candidate.Although I sometimes found myself hesitant in supporting Trump because we are fed up of over forty years of reluctant US policies and the tricks of Republicans and Democrats, ...... read more

‘End darkness to see light’ – Walk the talk 11/28/2016

The Cabinet approved a draft decree to restructure the Supreme Education Council (SEC), to be headed by the Minister of Education with the relevant ministry undersecretaries as members in addition to independent personalities such as Musaed Al-Haroun, Rashed Al-Hamad and Abdulrahman Al-Ghunaim, Hanan Al-Mutawa, Nayef Al-Mutawa, and Suad Al-Ansari.First of all, we must admit that neither Kuwait nor the education in general has benefited from the SEC since its inception ...... read more

It takes two to tango 11/27/2016

A group of the respected personalities has issued the so-called (Reform Initiative and National Consensus) about the upcoming elections to the National Assembly.The initiative stresses on the importance of the November 2016 elections that confirm resorting to the ballot boxes which represent the people’s will in building political action through democracy.The initiative also stressed on regional developments and the requirements of security challenges and the various implications ...... read more

‘Sick personality, heart of lion, mind of rat, wolf’s conscience’ – Scalpel of the fake surgeon 11/26/2016

I admit I have the courage to break into homes should I decide to do so. I also have the knowledge of how to put those houses under surveillance, climb the walls and open the locks.I also dare say I have the courage to admit that I can fabricate stories and statements and attribute them to others, and impersonate others and engage in false testimonies. ...... read more

Of memories and articles 11/24/2016

After long years of hesitation, I decided to respond, with pleasure, to the wishes of so many beloved readers and write part of my memories in a book containing a number of my published articles.I used to think the issue is relatively easy and will merely mean sitting down in front of a desk and writing whatever comes to my mind — thoughts and memories — and then refer to the Al-Qabas newspaper archive, to select a number of articles, ...... read more

Me and the Interior Ministry 11/14/2016

Because of my nature and for many other reasons, I don’t do not befriend the personnel of the Ministry of Interior in spite of the fact that there are among them those who deserve a lot of love and respect. Not only that, I am not pleased with the way the security establishment works and the methods adopted to arrest violators, or those who asked to arrest them. If we talk about this issue we can go on and on.The security establishment that cannot live in peace without its men and its orga ...... read more

Clear-cut message to all – ‘Join world for peace’ 11/10/2016

During a conference in Herzliya, Israel, in 2013 the former CIA Director James Woolsey stated the West is fighting a ‘third world war’ based on religion.He pointed out on one side there are the religious fanatics — Shiites, Sunnis, who have different concepts about jihad and thereafter.Woolsey said the US administration find it difficult to deal with jihad from religious perspective. The US Constitution allows freedom of religion and therefore seeking victory against the Islami ...... read more

Opera, customs, traditions 11/9/2016

I think that the image of the building of Kuwait Opera, will soon overtake the image of Kuwait Towers as one of the topmost tourist attractions in the country and this does not only mean this edifice of importance but other landmarks such as the water storage tanks and the unaccountable other cultural values compared to the splendor of the unique building in terms of engineering and multi-purpose facilities.The opera site gets distinguished political and social importance due to its proximity to ...... read more

The need for humanity 11/8/2016

The world having become a single global village, no country can afford to live in isolation especially after seeing what is happening around them and recognizing the global dramatic changes. This is not logical!AbdulRahim, an Afghan Muslim soldier, lost both hands after a landmine explosion which almost killed him. Abdul Rahim lived a miserable life, his life has become unbearable. How he wished to be killed in that explosion. He is living in a society which is unjust and cruel.But Joseph is an ...... read more

A difficult decision 11/7/2016

Iraqi Council of Representatives announced the issuance of a law to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in Iraq.We do not want to elaborate on talking about the gravity of the decision and the mistake of issuing such a decision and the negative consequences to the security of the Iraqi community which is completely different, in a social nature, customs and traditions, from the Gulf societies.History is witness to answer that question as you might calculate it as an intervention in the affairs o ...... read more

‘Spend cash on better project’ – ‘Reforms don’t come easy’ 11/4/2016

A friend of mine who happens to be a well-known consultant doctor with a good reputation called me, saying he wanted to visit me for discussing an issue that was on his mind. I welcomed him because it was an opportunity to offer consultation to a person who usually offers consultation.As soon as he sat down with me, he delved straight into the topic. He revealed that he wanted to contest the upcoming elections but he wanted to first hear my opinion and my stance. I told him I cannot advise him o ...... read more

Unbeliever and ‘nice guy’ 11/3/2016

One of my friends told me that when he uttered my name in the Diwan of the ‘Wajeeh’, the owner turned away his face and labeled me as unbeliever.In response to my friend I said: the gesture of the Wajeeh and his description of me is a Legion of Honor and I should pin this honor on my chest and the same can be said of those who call me an atheist.I know well ‘my popularity’ such as these, and I am happy to belong to them. I am neither interested in being in the company of ...... read more

Opera House revives dream of five decades – Journey towards light begins 11/2/2016

I LIKED the opera and classical music since my childhood. I do not know why, because neither my mother was a pianist nor my father was a ‘soprano’, with all my love and respect for them. But for some reason I was overwhelmed and gave me goosebumps whenever I heard Maria Callas, for example, singing La Traviata, Norma, or Madama Butterfly.I’m not trying to show that I have vast knowledge in this area since after half a century of listening to opera and world music in general, af ...... read more

Much ado about nothing – ‘Adieu Faisal’ 11/1/2016

Several newspapers reported last Saturday about the decision by the Ministry of Interior to install jamming devices inside the Central Prison and a number of candidates who are contesting the National Assembly elections, particularly those affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood group and the Salafists have voiced their protest, particularly installing such devices in one particular cell.These jamming devices, or similar to them have been installed in almost all mosques and all places of worship. T ...... read more

‘Boycotters entry shocking’ – ‘False promises lead nowhere’ 10/31/2016

Paul Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s (Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945) Minister of Propaganda. He was one of the most prominent members of his Cabinet who played a malicious role to promote Hitler’s thought.Goebbels was quoted as saying: ‘Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun’. His famous quote was ‘If you tell a lie ...... read more

Shun sectarianism – ‘Govts share responsibility’ 10/28/2016

At the height of apartheid between the white minority and black majority in the Republic of South Africa, the Rev Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, said of the continued conflict that it was unfortunate that so many people became victims, because at the end of the day the country would be ruled by the majority blacks. ‘So why does the conflict not end?’We write this in light of the Sunni-Shiite conflict that threatens all the countries of the region. This age- ...... read more

‘Time now to reform tax law’ – ‘Deserving should get Zakat’ 10/27/2016

Ten years ago the National Assembly passed the ‘Zakat Tax’ Law or the ‘Baqer Law’, which obliged all joint-stock companies, listed and unlisted to pay tax 1 percent of the net profits to the State.The law allowed the companies to direct this Zakat tax, or part of it to one of the services or public associations through the Ministry of Finance, according to Article 14 of the executive regulations of the law, which also included the security, justice and defense institution ...... read more